The (choice) Crisis

Everyone always talks about the midlife crisis. Somewhere around forty people need to rethink things and grow as a person, dye their hair or buy that sports car they really can’t afford but have always wanted. What about the beginning of life crisis? When teenagers leave the realm of childhood and have to make a life for themselves. There would be no midlife crisis without this one very important decision: What do I want to be or do in my life? In my experience there are two basic motivators, money and joy. If you don’t have enough money to do what makes you happy then your left feeling unfulfilled. On the flip side if you spend all your time worrying about money, joy is hard to come by. The path winding away from graduation seems to be a treacherous one but it is an inevitable one none the less. The choices about universities and colleges, working and travel all are catalysts in ones life. The beginning of life crisis is perhaps the most important because it sets everything in motion for the rest of your life.


~ by leona52 on December 31, 2010.

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