Hey there, Ho there.

Why is it that men are called players for getting around and ladies get called whores? Although I like to keep on the straight and narrow it bothers me to see a double standard between genders. Traditionally women are meant to uphold a certain standard and live by good virtues. The turn of the twenty-first century brings a newly sexualized culture. We as a culture are bombarded with sexual images on our TVs, on the internet and countless other sources. Yet women are pressured into a ridiculous double standard that traps them in an unnamed hazy area in between being a prude and being a slut. There is no socially acceptable middle ground for us ladies to occupy and we’re left lost in a contradictory and ruthless society.


~ by leona52 on December 20, 2010.

One Response to “Hey there, Ho there.”

  1. A key that can open locks is a master key, but a lock that opens to any key is a poor lock.

    I wish this wasn’t true.

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