That Little Love Thing

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The journey into the land of the lovers may have some nice scenery but it is a treacherous one. Along the way there are a lot of bumps and the signs are never, ever clearly marked. The teenager is left to amble through a tangled mesh of vines and obstacles in order to find “the one.” My question is, is it worth it? What if you are one to easily fall for someone? Maybe in an attempt to find the Land of Love you take a shortcut and end up falling down a cliff? This is all very cryptic, my apologies. I love. I love. I love. So where has it lead me? To a broken signpost and I have no idea where to turn, what to say and who to tell. What happens if the gate keeper turns you away?


Velma Reid

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Velma Reid’s relfection stared seductively from the mirror, with a swift movement she applied one last layer of rouge on her full lips. She then swept the tiny black bristles of the mascara brush over her lashes and left the room. Her round curls bounced as she walked down the hallway.
As her bare foot touched the top step she heard a knock at the door and front he firmness and confidence of the knock she knew it could only be one man at the door.
Although she moved quickly her feet were light like a does and right before turning the brass handle she pulled off the sash from her red robe. The silken fabric fell to the ground and Velma opened the door with fire in her eyes.
Black lace hugged her curves and her ivory skin was revealed. “Hello handsome!” she said leaning against the door frame with ease.
“Well you always knew how to properly greet a man.” said the strange man.
To Be continued…
“Frank?” the blood drained from Velma’s face.
“It’s been a long time sweetheart.” he winked, “you haven’t changed a bit!”
Flustered Velma grabbed the robe she had discared frivolously and covered the black lingerie with urgentsy. Each fist made a point of tying the sash extra tight.
“I-I wasn’t expecting you.”
“Well that’s a disappointment, here I thought you got all dressed up just for me.”
Velma stood stiff in the door way with her mouth agape.
“Maybe I should say dressed down.” his deep throat sang in amusment.
“Sorry to disappoint,” she said regaining her wit, “do you want a coffee or something?”
“Normally I’d say yes, but I’m afraid of what I’d find in there” the man chortled.
“Shut up,Frank” Velma’s voice jingled playfully, “what do you want anyways?”
“Oh I was just in the neighbourhood and thought I’d stop by.”
“We both know that’s bullshit, Frank.”
The man chuckled at her blunt words

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As much as it pains me to say this, this weekend I watched Eclipse from the Twilight Saga. I’m guilty of indulging in preteen delusions for an evening and although I would never call it a “good” movie I did sort of enjoy it. For those of you who are not pre-pubescent teeny-boppers, I’ll fill you in on the premise. The two main characters Bella and Edward are madly in love and the twist (which has sparked a blood sucking pop culture phenomenon) is that Edward is a Vampire. He has converted to vampire-vegetarianism, meaning that he doesn’t drink human blood. I know it could potentially be intriguing, except the plots are stereotypical and the characters are difficult to connect with/ I never felt like I got to know them.
I didn’t write this to slander Stephanie Meyer’s work. What intrigued me enough to write this entry is that Edward is able to read everyone’s thoughts but Bella’s. An intriguing talent and the question that is left in my mind is what if none of our thoughts remained private anymore? If telepathy was a global gift that everyone possessed what type of world would it be? People try desperately to cover up embarrassing or dark secrets from their past in order to save face. But what if everyone new everyones’ secrets? It may cause more conflict or perhaps we would be more accepting. From what little life experience I have to draw on I am able to conclude that those who are honest and blunt, without being too rude tend to be the most peaceful and happy.
Although the fact that Bella is immune to this is what brings the two lovers together, one would expect it to add a layer of secretiveness to their relationship. So it leaves them with the issue of communication. In reality we are forced to deal with this issue too. There will always be a time and a place to speak your mind but no true relationship will work if you cannot communicate and trust each other. Perhaps that is why you’ll only find a relationship like Bella and Edward’s in a fictional book, they don’t open up about things very easily to each other, we never know about their past in any detail and they hardly ever laugh and joke.

Say Goodbye to the Penny

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I grew up with a tough blue collar guy
A real one, not a phony
A father
An ex-boxer with his
Hands all smashed up,
Back in 1908,
A Hershey chocolate bar cost two cents.
Corn Flakes cost 10 cents
A penny mattered.

He stood up
For the working man and the little guy
They aren’t begging on the street.
A penny saved, a penny earned,
The income was enough to matter.
We’ve left pennies behind in a store
Or let them pile up in a drawer.
He had almost nothing.
There is no protection for the blue collar.

The (choice) Crisis

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Everyone always talks about the midlife crisis. Somewhere around forty people need to rethink things and grow as a person, dye their hair or buy that sports car they really can’t afford but have always wanted. What about the beginning of life crisis? When teenagers leave the realm of childhood and have to make a life for themselves. There would be no midlife crisis without this one very important decision: What do I want to be or do in my life? In my experience there are two basic motivators, money and joy. If you don’t have enough money to do what makes you happy then your left feeling unfulfilled. On the flip side if you spend all your time worrying about money, joy is hard to come by. The path winding away from graduation seems to be a treacherous one but it is an inevitable one none the less. The choices about universities and colleges, working and travel all are catalysts in ones life. The beginning of life crisis is perhaps the most important because it sets everything in motion for the rest of your life.

Hey there, Ho there.

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Why is it that men are called players for getting around and ladies get called whores? Although I like to keep on the straight and narrow it bothers me to see a double standard between genders. Traditionally women are meant to uphold a certain standard and live by good virtues. The turn of the twenty-first century brings a newly sexualized culture. We as a culture are bombarded with sexual images on our TVs, on the internet and countless other sources. Yet women are pressured into a ridiculous double standard that traps them in an unnamed hazy area in between being a prude and being a slut. There is no socially acceptable middle ground for us ladies to occupy and we’re left lost in a contradictory and ruthless society.

Poem 1

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A plague of moth wings swirled the breathless night,
It’s crispness now cut to shreds by such curious creatures.
One foot follow another, pacing down the lane.
Frost creeps over gate handles,
And the grasses’ flimsy blades are rigid with ice.

I am here.
Sweet vapour stirs the night air.

Ahead I see a circus of moths,
disguised by protruding tree branches.
Then my mind goes stiff like the grass,
And I narrow my gaze.
One moth flies alone;
Drifting through a breathless night,
Unaware that winter is coming soon.
Distant from his friends,
and distant from the moon.

I am here.
Sweet Vapour disturbs the night air.

Ahead I see mist.
The moths disappear.
This night is strong in its solitude.
Then again, this isn’t the season for moths.